This is my new EP!!  Listen to  THE GARDENS 💚 on Bandcamp


  1. Contemplation - 4:45

  2. Perylene Maroon - 4:14
  3. Light - 3:05
  4. The Dog - 3:07
  5. Bonbons & Chocolate - 3:02
  6. Greenlake - 5:24

CONTEMPLATION - live Acoustic Version 2022


I am  a singer / songwriter and visual artist based in Berlin (GER) *1988

"IOANA's debut EP The Gardens reflects on nature as a place for emotions and memories. Sounds of weather and animals become rhythms, colours transform into melodies, a single voice condenses into a choir of harmonies and sentiments. Singing calmly about love and solitude, with her unique voice arrangements she creates a sound of dreamy landscapes."

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